Sonoita Greyhound

My ten year old registered Paint gelding, and yes, this is a terrible picture. But I figured that if I were going to critique everyone else’s horses, I should be able to take a hard look at my own. So, feet first; he grows a long toe and has a low heel, his pastern is an okay length although it is a little upright. He’s a little swaybacked, but his neck, back, and flank are all proportional. His hocks are pretty straight, and they camp under a little. Cute head, listening ears, amber eyes. In this picture, I had only had him a month and his coat was still dull. Those are bite marks on his side from an over-eager young pasture mate. 

Everything about this horse makes him fun to ride and wonderful to be around. He walks, jogs, and lopes lazily (probably why he washed out as a reiner), he’s not spooky, he loves being groomed and fussed with (probably because he was thrown out with his buddy for four years and not laid eyes on), and all of his gaits are incredibly comfortable. That pastern acts like shock absorbency, it’s crazy! He was kept a stud until he was six, and that’s when his previous owner bought him. Recently, the guy got married and the wife said he had to move out of the country and into the suburbs (I think she’s crazy), so he needed out of these two horses. Well I sold Flash cause he and I didn’t vibe, and I kept Sonny.